Eloisa Guanlao, Cella Ambrotos, glass ambrotype and wood, 2016.

Eloisa Guanlao

Eloisa Guanlao

Concerns about the unexamined expansion of technology and the unrestrained use of natural resources inform Eloisa Guanlao’s art practice and historical inquiry. For this residency, she is taking infrared film images of Denver Botanic Gardens’ collections, with a special focus on the flora, avifauna and natural features of Chatfield Farms and the Plains Conservation Center. The infrared images capture places that contain resources for survival and stand for hearth and home for humans, plants and animals. Recognizing the sense (history and life) of a place is a way of honoring the people, fauna and flora that once inhabited or continue to dwell in that space. 


About the Artist
Born in the Philippines, Eloisa Guanlao’s experiences as an immigrant and nomadic scholar-artist influence her versatile art practice and critical inquiries. With an interest in the natural world, history, art, languages and literature, she considers art making a social and cultural endeavor and pursues projects that are research intensive and relevant to current issues. Eloisa Guanlao attended the Los Angeles High School for the Arts, Carleton College in Minnesota, and received her MFA in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico. Guanlao practices and teaches art in California.

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