Artist Information & FAQ

Do I have to be in Denver to apply?

No. We offer several formats with different funding levels and participation expectations. Formats, residency length and honorariums may vary from year to year.

For reference, 2021 formats were: 

Remote Residency

Regardless of location, selected artists for remote residences will be supported in their explorations and art creation. Virtual tours, videoconferencing and collections information will assist in artist endeavors. 

Hybrid Residency 

Artists conduct the majority of their residency remotely but visit to talk with staff and explore gardens and collections. Travel and lodging coordinated by the artist and paid from within residency honorarium.

Regional In-Person Residencies

Artists in Colorado and/or the Denver Metro Area can take advantage of regular site visits and in-person meetings to create their [body of] work.


How many artists are accepted each year and in which formats?

It depends. In 2021 Land Line supported 11 artists across remote, regional, and hybrid residencies. It is unlikely we will select more than 10 artists each year. 

Can I still visit the Gardens if I am chosen for the remote residency?

Yes, but the Gardens is not responsible for travel arrangements or costs.

Do I have to finish everything within the allotted timeframe?

Specific details and limitations vary. At the discretion of staff, some work may take place outside of the planned timeframe as long as progress has been made. 

I have a full-time job; can I still be an artist in residence?

Yes, we understand that art making is one of many priorities in an artist’s life.

How many applications do you typically receive?

In 2021 we received more than 350 applications. The number of accepted artists changes annually based on funding.

How much does the application cost?

Nothing. It is free to apply!

How do I apply?

Applications are submitted online via Call for Entry (CaFE). All applicants must create a free online account on the CaFE website. Please do not send applications via email or paper mail. Instead let us know if you are having technical difficulties with the online system by sending an email to

Tip: We recommend compiling and saving your application materials on a separate Word document in case the “save” feature malfunctions.

I applied, when can I expect to hear back?

It takes about three weeks to go through all the applications. Expect to hear back about a month after the deadline. 

Are there facilities at the Gardens available for use during the residency?

Not permanently. We have classroom, meeting and library spaces available; these can be reserved depending on the time and frequency. If you need a specific facility for a project, you’ll speak to your Gardens liaison about it first. 

Does my artwork have to depict nature to be chosen?

No, you don’t have to be a landscape artist to be selected. Many of our artists are poets, sound artists or work in mixed medias. Our only requirement is that your work must involve the natural world or humans’ relationships to the natural world in some way. This can be in any media.

Do I have to be a visual artist to apply?

No. Artists working in a variety of disciplines and media will be considered including music, spoken word, poetry, literature, film/animation and other born-digital projects. 

What kind of access will I have to the Gardens resources?

Fairly unlimited access to the public garden spaces during open hours. Schedule and staff permitting, we will provide access to the Gardens’ collections, including pressed plants, preserved fungi and other herbaria collections, living plant collections, rare books, archival materials, art collections, and books and periodicals in the Helen Fowler Library.

What do you mean by “Denver Botanic Gardens seeks to support and strengthen diverse perspectives?”

We at Denver Botanic Gardens believe that nature is for everyone, regardless of background, orientation or race. Our gardens and art spaces exist for everyone’s enjoyment. For this reason, BIPOC applicants and individuals who identify as a part of an historically marginalized group are strongly encouraged to submit. Our goal is for our artist cohort to reflect the diversity in our community. 

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