Tali Weinberg, "Bound," petrochemical-derived medical tubing, plant fibers, plant and insect dyes, 2024.

Tali Weinberg: The Space Between Threads

Experience weavings and sculptures about the connections between our own lives and the vast changes taking place all around us.

March 3 – June 9, 2024

Using data about our warming climate, Tali Weinberg’s textiles weave together science and art to tell intertwined stories of land and water, people and landscapes, and ecological and human health. The Space Between Threads offers the opportunity to reflect on the profound but often unacknowledged web of relationships that connect global systems to our personal experiences.


About the Artist

Based in Illinois, Tali Weinberg is an interdisciplinary artist whose work responds to climate crisis, connecting stories that are personal and systemic. She combines plant-derived materials with plastics and data to trace relationships between home, health, ecology and our warming world. Weinberg’s works are held in public and private collections and have been exhibited both throughout the United States and internationally, including at the 21C Museum in Oklahoma, the Australian National University Gallery in Canberra and the Zhejiang Art Museum in China. 

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