Alexandra Kehayoglou, "Paraná de las Palmas River" (detail), textile wool, 2021.

River's Voice: Textiles by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Step into the fragile beauty of vanishing landscapes through monumental textile artworks.

April 14 – Dec. 8, 2024

River’s Voice features Alexandra Kehayoglou’s carpet works highlighting the Paraná de las Palmas River in Argentina and the surrounding wetlands—rich in natural beauty and home to millions of organisms, but threatened by agricultural expansion and development. Including a work that spills onto the floor, visitors to the exhibition are invited to remove their shoes and literally walk through the beauty of the Argentinian wetlands to consider the role we can all play in protecting wild places.


About the Artist

Alexandra Kehayoglou is an Argentinean artist who splits her time between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Athens, Greece. Created through methods most often associated with commercial textiles, Kehayoglou’s works push the boundaries of this unconventional medium to create art experiences that are both visual and tactile. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world including a 2015 collaboration with fashion designer Dries Van Noten that saw one of her carpets used as a runway during Paris Fashion Week.  

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