Koko Bayer, Hope (installation at Denver Botanic Gardens), paper and wheat paste glue, 2020.

Pink Lemonade Hope: Works by Koko Bayer

Koko Bayer is a Denver-based artist whose work focuses on outdoor installations of printed images.

Opening Summer 2020

Freyer – Newman Center

She installs these images throughout Denver’s urban landscape with wheat paste—a temporary glue made out of wheat starch and water, making them naturally ephemeral.

Pink Lemonade is part of Bayer’s “Project Spread Hope”—a series of installations created in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a reminder of the power of hope. Bayer uses her distinctive “pink lemonade” palette of magenta and bright yellow to reinforce her message through an aesthetic that’s warm, uplifting, and like its namesake drink, deliciously sweet. Like the adage about making lemonade from lemons, Pink Lemonade Hope celebrates the tenacity of optimism.

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