Elliot Ross, "Geography of Hope no. 1," film, 2022.

Elliot Ross: Geography of Hope

Discover the resilience and beauty of Glen Canyon’s ecosystem through the large-scale photographs of Elliot Ross.

June 23 – Sept. 29, 2024

Dammed and flooded in 1963 to create Lake Powell, the desert walls of Glen Canyon have recently emerged from the water after two decades of drought in the American West. The reappearance of this vast canyon system and the ensuing ecological resurgence serves as both a stark reminder of climate change and a testament to nature's resilience. Ross' photographs invite us to experience the beauty of this landscape in flux and the complex stakes of its future.


About the Artist

Elliot Ross is a Taiwanese-American photographer based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ross' practice is centered on human relationships with the land—his projects are often long-term and informed by research, fieldwork and documentation. Named a National Geographic Explorer in 2019 by The National Geographic Society, he has published several books including American Backyard, and currently serves as a Ted Scripps Fellow at the Center for Environmental Journalism. Ross has been a longtime contributor to National Geographic, and his works have been featured in publications including TIME, and The New York Times.

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