Fares Micue, Cultivate your Mind, 2020, digital photograph. © Fares Micue.

Dreams in Bloom: Photos by Fares Micue

Photographer Fares Micue creates dreamlike self-portraits that integrate natural and surprising objects in vibrant hues.

Jan. 23 - May 16, 2021

Freyer – Newman Center

Set against a dark, mysterious ground, her images document the hope and positivity of the human spirit. Micue’s first solo exhibition, Dreams in Bloom celebrates the individual beauty of the human form and the universal creative optimism within.


About the Artist

Self-taught artist Micue began her journey with photography in 2009 and has since focused on her practice of symbolism-infused compositions. “My work is full of symbolism, every element in my compositions has a purpose, from the colors to the props to the body language.” Living and working in the Canary Islands, Spain, she has received many international exhibition accolades.




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