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Summer Display

Plants have many means to adapt to their native growing conditions. Some have succulent foliage. Others have silvery coatings of wax or fine hairs. Still others have parallel venation to preserve water during drought stress. This display combines bold succulent foliage and fine textured sedges with highlights in silver for a stunning visual exploration of how plants adapt.



This display offers a unique opportunity to exhibit new intergeneric hybrids, the x Mangave group of plants. These are man-made hybrids between Manfredia and Agave and feature a wide range of foliage color and interesting markings. Also included is a large selection of Aloe plants that have a similar leaf pattern and growth style but are very different in how they flower and in the succulent-ness of their leaves. 

Explore the wide range of adaptation in this summer display and immerse yourself in a textural wonderland of succulents, sedges and silver. 

Included with admission to the Gardens.

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