School Group Visits at Plains Conservation Center

Please be aware that the programs are held at Plains Conservation Center (PCC), 21901 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80013. Here are directions to PCC.

General Information

Prior to Your Visit

  • All groups are required to bring at least one adult for every 10 students. Please coordinate this in advance, as Denver Botanic Gardens and PCC reserve the right to refuse admittance to groups with too few adults.
  • Group size: 15 or less per student group. Please divide students into groups of 10-15 prior to arriving and assign an adult chaperone to each group. Name tags are greatly appreciated by the program instructors. 
  • Provide advance notice if any students use wheelchairs or have other special needs that may affect the programming.
  • Chaperones are responsible for maintaining the behavior of their student group. Teachers, please discuss chaperone expectations before arrival to PCC.
  • Come prepared to be outdoors. PCC is a natural prairie with cactus, uneven terrain, high winds, rattlesnakes and other cautions. The weather can change very quickly, so we encourage everyone to dress in layers. Wear closed-toe shoes only, like sneakers or boots. No flip-flops, sandals, heels, etc. are permitted at PCC. The use of a hat, sunscreen and water bottle are strongly recommended on hot and/or sunny days. 


Pre-Payment for All School Group Visits

  • Advance payment is required. Payment is accepted via check or credit card and is due in full at least one week prior to the date of program. No refund for scheduled children who do not attend the program.
  • Cancellations up to one week before the program date are fully refunded and free of charge. Cancellations with less than one week's notice are non-refundable.
  • Use the secure payment link emailed to you for all credit card payments.
  • When paying by check, make the check out to Denver Botanic Gardens and mail to 909 York Street, Denver, CO 80206, Attn: school programs.
  • When making payment by credit card, call our resource center at 720-865-3500.
  • On the day of the program, additional children or chaperones may be paid for by check or credit card (sorry, no cash).


Check-in Procedure

  • For the students’ safety and order, please remain on the bus while checking in with the Gardens’ staff.
  • Once checked in, unload students and escort them to the designated area. 
  • Lunches may be stored in a designated area. Please have adult chaperones transport the lunches. 


During Your Visit

Potential hazards exist at PPC including uneven surfaces, mud, cactus, prairie dog holes and rattlesnakes. Class discussion and behavioral enforcement can prevent many accidents from occurring.

  • Stay on designated trails and always walk; no running allowed.
  • Stay with the group. PCC is large and students can get lost. All students (regardless of age) must be under constant adult supervision.
  • Keep voices at a normal talking level. Loud voices can scare birds and animals.
  • Inclement weather: We will move some activities indoors and may not be able to use the wagons. Instead, we will explore on foot or may ask the bus driver to drive the students to the sod homestead or other locations, if needed. 

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