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Employer Matching Gifts

You may be able to double the impact your gift has on Denver Botanic Gardens.

  • Many employers provide a matching gift when their employees donate to the Gardens, which may double or even triple your gift. Your employer may even match your membership fees.*
  • Retired employees’ gifts may also be matched. Many employers continue to double the donations made by an employee who has retired from the organization.
  • Your spouse’s company may match your gift, too! Search for your spouse’s employer and see if they will match gifts made by you.
  • Volunteering can pay dividends! Donating your time to the Gardens may mean a donation from your employer. Many companies make financial contributions to the Gardens for the hours their staff has spent volunteering here.

*The matching gift from your employer cannot be used to pay for any portion of your membership.

Does your employer have a matching gift policy?

To find out if your employer has a matching gift policy, please enter the company name below. The form results are best viewed on desktop, laptop or tablet.

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