Winter Meetings and Gatherings at Chatfield Farms

December 13, 2023 Bridget Molloy , Manager, Venue Sales and Implementation

Even though the weather is wintry, there are still plenty of options to host your event at Chatfield Farms. We have spaces that are perfect for a warm and cozy winter meeting. 

Deer Creek Schoolhouse is perfect for up to 40 people to gather for an off-site work luncheon or a baby or bridal shower. This adorable location is completely ADA accessible and near ADA parking so everyone can join. 

Green Farm Barn (which is actually red) is the largest of our winter-safe locations with the capacity for around 150 people. To one side of the barn is an original brick silo and in the other direction, the Rocky Mountain foothills, which are simply the perfect backdrop for family or team photos. The space is ideal for anything from family reunions to company holiday parties. The barn was owned by the Green family, who once lived on the property. 

A couple of the other buildings at Chatfield Farms were their residences, including the Polly Steele Center. Facing the foothills, the Polly Steele Center is a little more compact than Deer Creek Schoolhouse. It is able to hold up to 20 people for small gatherings, such as a team retreat or birthday party. It is the perfect way to have a homey get-together without having to host in your own home. Green Farm Barn and Polly Steele Center can be rented together to expand capacity.   

Chatfield Farms is nestled in the foothills and at this time of year is a picturesque winter wonderland. Reach out to the private events team today to get your party on the books. Call 720-865-4339 or email

This post was contributed by Events Assistant Aly Devine.


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