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February 25, 2020 | Robert Price, Manager of Annual Giving

You can now use your tax refund to support Denver Botanic Gardens.

Starting this year, Coloradans who receive a state income tax refund will have a chance to donate all or some of it to a local nonprofit they trust, like Denver Botanic Gardens.

Imagine if state taxpayers chose to donate just a portion of their refunds; this outpouring of support would re-energize local community causes across Colorado and make a massive positive impact on our state.

For Denver Botanic Gardens, this provides fuel for innovation and growth in the Gardens’ core education programs as well.

Whether you do your taxes yourself or use a tax preparer, RefundWhatMatters.org provides simple instructions for how to make sure your refund donation goes to your chosen nonprofit.

This new program described by the ReFUND CO initiative puts you in charge of where your donation goes. It’s as simple as 1,2,3:

1.       Decide how much of your refund to donate.

2.       Enter Denver Botanic Gardens and our registration number 20023003284 in the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund line on your state income tax return or tax software – or just give this info to your tax preparer when you share your tax documents.

3.       Smile knowing you’ve helped the Gardens grow.

With this new program, you can re-energize the Gardens’ important work for another year.  

The Gardens is always grateful for your support and we hope you’ll consider donating again through this new program.

Your Refund Helps the Gardens Grow




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