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December 16, 2008 | Doris Boardman, Website and SEO Manager

Trail of Lights on member night . . . As we drove onto Deer Creek Canyon Road, my breath was taken away for a minute. Just imagine seeing the lights all aglow in the depths of a dark field, with the crescent moon glowing over the entire scene. Even viewing the car lights snaking down into the valley was surprising—making for another trail of lights! What an amazing sight. My family had some time to catch up on what was going on in our worlds as we slowly drove into Chatfield. Even at a distance, the huge cottonwood trees shot up into the dark night. As we got closer and more details came into view of the thousand and thousands of colored lights glowing, my anticipation grew.

Walking through the winding trail, we ooohed and aaahed like we were watching fireworks. Take your time and enjoy the walk. There is so much to see if you just slow down and look all around you. Tilt your head waaay back and see the LEDs glowing on the huge green and red tree in front of you as you cross the lighted wooden bridge. Go right up to the candy cane trees and see the meticulous winding of lights on each branch and trunk that help create the candy cane glow.

I took a lot of pictures and most turned out well, however not having a tripod with me (bring one if you come, or have a very steady hand), I took some amazing shots showing actual trails of light. Not sure how I did that—one of the many wonders of that magical night. Thank you all for helping to create a family night to remember.


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