The Not-So-Secret Secrets of Blossoms of Light

November 27, 2020 Special Events

The holiday season is in full bloom at York Street as Blossoms of Light™ delights thousands of guests each night with mesmerizing displays of light and color. Though it is a tradition for many Front Range families, the new designs and features provide a new adventure every year for even the most seasoned visitors. In fact, CNN has ranked Blossoms of Light as one of the top places to see lights in the entire country! 

As you wander the lights, keep in mind that it takes a lot to get to this point! Here are some fun facts about Blossoms of Light that, if they don’t make you enjoy the lights even more, may at least shed some light (ha) on the scope and scale of this massive public event.

  1. Blossoms of Light opened its first season of illumination over 30 years ago, in 1988.
  2. Blossoms of Light is the Gardens’ largest single event of the year, drawing in more guests and revenue than any other.
  3. It takes 13 months to design, plan, and execute the event. 
  4. Installation of lights begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and every light is removed by the end of February. Lights are installed with poles, lifts, climbing harnesses, waders and cherry-picker buckets.
  5. Custom-strung lights are built by hand starting in early summer. Unusual light colors, such as teal or purple, must be ordered 6-8 months in advance because manufacturers only produce limited quantities each year.
  6. We estimate there are more than half a million individual lights in the entire display. The exact number is very difficult to calculate!
  7. 100 percent of the decorative lights used are LED.
  8. Squirrels and wind are the biggest enemies to the lighting equipment.
  9. The eagle-eyed visitor may notice that we double-dip in a few areas – we turn on some of the spookiest lights for Glow at the Gardens in October.
  10. This is the first year in over a decade that we have extended Blossoms of Light more than a week past New Year's.

Tickets are selling quickly, so get yours before they are gone. We look forward to celebrating the season of light with you!

Blossoms of Light is open nightly (closed December 25) through January 16, 2021. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Get your tickets today!



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