Memorial Gardens at Hildebrand Ranch

June 6, 2023 Jennifer Trunce , Manager of Horticulture at Chatfield Farms

The historical Hildebrand Ranch area at Chatfield Farms includes an orchard and various heirloom gardens. Most of these areas are dedicated celebration spaces to honor loved ones and are an excellent reminder of the stages of life. 
The Mary Washburne Orchard was established in 2011. Washburne was a longtime supporter of Chatfield Farms. Within the orchard is a vast array of fruit trees and trellises planted with Vitis x ‘St. Theresa Seedless' grapes. These areas of fruit production are adjacent to an acre of vegetable production fields. 

The Celebration Garden on the east side of the ranch is dedicated in memory of Matt Jones with plantings of colorful perennials and annuals.

The front of the Hildebrand house is a mixture of ornamental vegetables and flowers dedicated in the memory of Liz Ann Dierksmeier. Her family helps to plant and maintain this seasonal garden each year. This allows them to foster beauty in remembrance of their loved one.

The woodshed garden behind the Hildebrand Ranch house is very personal to the staff at Chatfield Farms. It is dedicated to Colton Sell, whom many had the pleasure of working with at the farm. His family has maintained this garden for six years along our Chatfield Farms staff in tribute to him. This garden is set beside shaded Deer Creek with seating for reflection and healing for all visitors. 

Each year immense planning goes into the designs of these Celebration Gardens at Hildebrand Ranch at Chatfield Farms. This year some of the fruit trees were replaced due to disease. The Chatfield Farms horticulture staff works tirelessly to provide quiet, beautiful spaces to remember our loved ones.


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