Interns from Argentina

July 18, 2017 Sarada Krishnan , Director of Horticulture & Center for Global Initiatives

This summer, in addition to interns from around the country, we are hosting international interns from Argentina.

Three students enrolled in the horticulture program at the University of Rio Negro in Bariloche, Argentina joined us in late June and will be spending time with us through early September learning propagation and production techniques. Post-internship, they will be able to take the techniques learned here and apply them in their country.

The three interns are Irene Edwards, Ramiro Lincan and Lucas Vignera. They have been blogging about their experiences and we would like to share these here on our blog as well. Enjoy their blogs (which will be in Spanish) and experience the horticultural journey through their eyes.

Here are the three students in our tissue culture lab learning tissue culture propagation techniques.    

Interns from Argentina

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