Closing Thoughts of a Volunteer Coordinator Intern

October 4, 2023 Membership Department

My name is Katelyn and I interned with the Volunteer Services Department this past summer as part of the Diversity in the Arts (DITA) Internship Program. The purpose of the program is, as stated on their website, to “create a pipeline of diverse arts and culture professionals that is representative of the Denver Metro community while also increasing the cultural competency and organizational capacity of participating arts and culture nonprofits." The program has been taking place since 2018.

As a first-generation Asian American with interests in scrapbooking, writing and art, what drew me in about the Diversity in the Arts program was their commitment to giving individuals from all sorts of backgrounds an opportunity to work in Denver’s scientific and cultural organizations. Working in Denver is something I’ve long been interested in and I’m glad I was able to jumpstart that with Denver Botanic Gardens. 

Teen volunteers at Lavender Festival

During my time here, I have learned more about working with different groups of people, too. Although I worked primarily with teen volunteers as part of the Summer Teen Volunteer Program, I also had my fair share of meeting the Gardens’ ongoing volunteers. Everyone who I met and worked with welcomed me with open arms, and I couldn’t be more grateful—not only to them, but to my team, too. There were things that I experienced, that I don’t think I ever would have if it weren’t for them. For example, I saw Santigold perform during the Summer Concert Series, I received advice on public speaking from Gardens CEO Brian Vogt, I went to Lavender Festival…the list goes on!

Volunteer Services at Lavender Festival

But most importantly, I gained deeper insights into the commitments and communities that make great nonprofits great. At the forefront of every event are in-depth discussions, plans and dedicated individuals; individuals that I wish I could keep working with. Nonetheless, I am incredibly appreciative of the opportunity I have been given and wish the volunteers, the Volunteer Services Department and Denver Botanic Gardens prosperity going forward.

This article was contributed by Katelyn Thach, who was the Volunteer Services Department intern as part of the Diversity in the Arts (DITA) Internship Program.  


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