After Dark in the Tropical Conservatory

March 1, 2017 Special Events

The Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year, is a favorite destination for Gardens visitors year-round, but it’s particularly popular in the winter. Warm, humid, and filled to the ceiling with tropical plants, the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory offers the perfect respite from the gray, chilly days outside the dome.

Most days, the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory closes to visitors each evening. But attendees of Off the Clock, our series of theme-night-style events, have the special opportunity to experience this vibrant space after dark. Walking along a pathway lined with lights, guests can get a taste of what happens in a tropical forest after the sun sets.

Docents wearing glowing lanyards are stationed along the path to chat with guests and answer questions about the plants that thrive in the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory. Without too much waiting, guests can spot insect and amphibian residents of the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory that don’t typically come out during the day. Plus, the Boettcher Tropical Conservatory offers guests a warm and beautiful thoroughfare for guests to access activities scheduled in Marnie’s Pavilion and the Orangery during the event. 


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