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Top 5 picks for your visit

2015 Summer Concert Series

June - Aug.
York Street and Chatfield

Tickets still available for Yes + Toto and at Chatfield.
See the full lineup

Lecture - Seed: The Future of Food

Thursday, Sept. 10, 7-8:30 p.m.
York Street

The added value, economic opportunity and social benefits of seed-saving are enormous. Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s Bill McDorman inspires the audience to connect deeply with the world and empowers them to begin to plant seeds wherever they are.
Learn more and register for Seed: The Future of Food


Tours at the Gardens

York Street

Enjoy a docent-led tour at the Gardens. Learn about ecology, horticulture, art and more while you discover landscapes and plants from all over the world.
Learn more and register

Volunteer at Corn Maze

Sept. 18 - Nov. 1
Chatfield Farms

Corn Maze is just around the corner and we need the help of volunteers to make it a success! Learn more and sign up here

plant of the week

Campanula rumelianaCampanula rumeliana - The bellflower clan (Campanulaceae) offers a wonderful blue splash of color throughout the summer. This rare species from the Balkans looks quite different from its cousins with spiky blue flower balls. Until recently, it was classed as Trachelium rumelianum—but DNA research has shown it to be a true blue bellflower, despite its strange looks. Find it in the Rock Alpine Garden.

Enjoy our August walking tour: Annuals - Divas of the Garden