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Garden Whimsy

garden roosters

Would you like to own a playful garden that makes people smile?  You can--simply by incorporating whimsical elements into your landscape. Whimsy can take all forms, from perky plants to gleeful garden art. Try filling pots with colorful or unusual plants, such as pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli), paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae), pumpkin on a stick (Solanum integrifolium) or foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers'), which resembles a jester's hat. Watch out for pencil cactus' irritating, milky sap, however.


Irrigating Vegetables


Despite appearances, winter is a fine time to begin to address what is arguably the most important aspect of growing any plants in your space: how you move water around your ground. Remember, SOIL NEVER FREEZES. Water freezes, the water in your soil freezes, the water in your plants freezes, but soil itself never does. Those old-timers with their root cellars and sod homes knew that soil is an unparalleled insulator. And during our upcoming times of snow and melt, you can use that period to observe how water changes state by walking your field or yard or garden.


Salvia Mundi: 'Sage' advice for you

Salvia indica

Salvia indica The first salvia to bloom at Denver Botanic Gardens every spring is actually from Western Asia and Turkey rather than India as the name would imply. It shows one extreme of the range of form the genus can display. Now look below at a Western American gem:


Book Review: "The Forgotten Garden"

The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden is an ambitious tale spanning five generations of women. Beginning in Australia, the story opens with a lost little girl who has no idea who she is or where she came from. The only clue to her origins is a charming book of fairy tales found amongst her belongings. Years later, Nell journeys to the opposite side of the globe in search of her identity.