We humans are no more exempt than the bees and butterflies and hummingbirds when it comes to plants: We’re attracted to their sweetness and beauty. We recognize plants as life. And so we shop. We wander through greenhouses and shuffle through nurseries, searching out plants. We are mesmerized. Hypnotized. Hortiholics.
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Wouldn’t it be lovely to stumble across the legendary “Fountain of Youth” and wake up one day looking and feeling ten years younger?  Instead of spending time wishfully hoping for that fountain to appear, you can create your own GARDEN of youth and start moving those clock hands back a little.  You have everything you need to get started!
Green Wall
Picture by Jason Sampson  
Plant Sale Preview Party May 8
The Plant Sale Preview Party is Thursday, May 8 from 4 - 8 p. m. In addition to shopping early for the best selection of plants for your garden, Preview Party guests will enjoy a fabulous array of appetizers, wine and beer. Admission is $45 per person (Note: This event has sold out for the last several years. Reserve your spot now--there are still a few tickets left!). Purchase TIckets
Dale Chihuly, "Blue and Purple Boat" (detail), 2006
 4 x 22 1/2 x  4',
 New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx, New York
Did you know that the Gardens has a trips and travel program that features an array of different opportunities to travel with our staff and instructors regionally, nationally, and internationally? Well if you didn’t, keep us in mind as your make your travel plans! This year our education staff has put together a variety of trips - from backpacking and viewing wildflowers to checking out the work of Dale Chihuly in Seattle.
Bungalow gardens, cottage garden
The Arts and Crafts movement brought about the clean lines and unfussy patterns of the bungalow style house.  Bungalows were first built in England and then migrated to America in the early 1900's along with a changing garden style.  With the bungalow came the cottage style garden and some specific hardscape to enhance the lines of the house.  The formal gardens and ornate excesses of the Victorian era were now passe. 
Fresh and Healthy Salads
Let’s face it – you know you’re supposed to eat more salad, mainly because it’s super-healthy, mostly raw and (usually) packed with vegetables, but you’re bored. You’re disenchanted. You’re ready to break up with salad. It just isn’t thrilling you the way it used to. The spark is gone. 
Succulents sizzle!
  Succulents inspire smiles!
Another growing season begins. Green sprouts begin their ascent towards the sun. Seeds are sown. Earth is tilled and moved. The spring season is symbolic of renewal, growth and vitality. The plant life awakens around Denver Botanic Gardens, and an urban oasis is formed. For decades, the Denver Botanic Gardens has provided us with a wonderful sanctuary of color and life. It has become a place to reflect and a place to reconnect. 
Adenium at the cactus and succulent show
  Adenium obesum
Jennifers Garden
Do you ever feel like you have a brown thumb because you can’t get that one persnickety vegetable to grow? Well, the good news is you're probably not alone. There are several vegetables that are more difficult to grow than others, especially here on the Front Range. This can be because of numerous factors including soils, extreme temperatures and our short growing season.