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Congrats to Maggie



Please join me in congratulating my University of Denver graduate student, Maggie Gaddis, on the successful defense of her masters thesis, "Environmental impact of restoration of riparian ecosystems: fitting Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) into the picture." This research was funded by a grant to Denver Botanic Gardens by the Center for Invasive Plant Management to assess the success of restoration projects across the Rocky Mountain region where invasive Russian olive has been removed.  In lay-speak: Maggie tromped around Montana, Wyoming and Colorado measuring plants and soil in places where folks were trying to repair riverside ecosystems. This work has important implications for management of our wild spaces.  Kudos, Maggie! For more information on the conservation research that we do at the Gardens in collaboration with institutions like Universities, click on "Conservation and Research" on our homepage.  For more information about current and past graduate student work in the Sher lab, click here.


Lacey Hawk

Dear Maggie, A special congratulations goes out to you. The work you have done sounds fascinating and you deserve to be very proud of yourself. It is people like you whom we look to, to learn and understand more about our ever so precious environment

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