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Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Bird Walk

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Bird Walk

Notable Basin landmarks include Chatfield State Park, Roxborough State Park, Audubon Center at Chatfield, South Platte Park, and Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, the location for this morning’s spring bird walk. April marks an exciting time of year for most birders (short for “birdwatcher”).  Migrants are beginning to return to their Colorado breeding grounds for the summer months, males are singing to establish territories, nest construction is under way, and...


The Dog Days of Summer


Here is another guest blog post from our friend and colleague, Elizabeth Bublitz, at Paw-Friendly Landscapes. If you are enjoying her posts, don't forget to check out her Pet-Friendly Landscapes class this coming September, where you can get all your questions answered in a fun, practical evening program. Hot Dog!!!! Boy is it July!  It is so hot these days with very little rain. It’s hard to believe my last blog was about...


Spring Showers - A Mixed Blessing for your Dog?


Well, it seems that our recent guest blog by Elizabeth Bublitz on 'Paw-friendly gardening' was a popular topic, judging by the busy comment queue! Luckily for us, Elizabeth is turning out to be an enthusiastic blogger. In addition to taking the time to respond to comments (thank you!), she has plenty more to teach us about making our gardens as safe and friendly as possible for our cherished pets. With all the...