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Vera Stucky Evenson, M.S.

Emeritus Curator, Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi

Research Areas

Mycology, Taxonomy, Ecology, Education

Personal Statement

As Curator of the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi I collect, photograph, document, and preserve our native macrofungi, always emphasizing the habitats and the essential interactions of the fungi with their plant associates.  

Other responsibilities are guiding the research efforts and well-being of the fungal herbarium, cooperating with the Gardens' staff and mycologists throughout Colorado and other areas around the world who need information about common, rare, macrofungi as well as their interaction with native plants in all our ecosystems. 

I interact with members of the Colorado Mycological Society and the public at large in order to teach the wonders of our native mycoflora, the values of careful observation, and lab techniques in order to identify the macrofungi of the area. These activities include publishing research papers on unusual native fungi as well as writing mushroom guides designed for the use of the public.  

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