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Database Associate

Rick Levy, M.S.
M.S. Museum and Field Studies, University of Colorado, 2014
B.A. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, 2010
Research Interest: 
  • Museum collections and informatics
  • Plant and insect interactions
  • Local adaptation and environmental change
  • Plant and insect phenology

My research interests focus on using museum specimen data to answer questions about how plant and insect populations change over space and time. As a master’s student I focused on the local adaptation of grasshoppers in the Northern Front Range, specifically how their ability to disperse influenced their body size and reproductive traits across an elevation gradient. I also established a long term phenological survey of sub-alpine forbs west of Boulder, as part of a larger study that uses museum grasshopper specimens collected in the 1950-1960’s and the late 2000’s to understand the impact of climate change on insect phenology.

Here at the Gardens I manage the department’s database and oversee digital initiatives. My focus will shift from insects to plants and will emphasize how we use large data sets and museum information to ask new questions relating to the flora of Colorado, especially the conservation and management of rare species.