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Workshop - Tending to Your Inner Garden: Herbs, Foods and Practices to support Gut Health

Gut health is a trending topic right now and the amount of information out there about healing the gut can feel overwhelming. Get to the heart of how to build and maintain a healthy gut. Learn the basic principles of gut health and how it impacts our emotional, physical and energetic well-being. Learn how the immune system and mental health are impacted by your enteric brain. Discover how to nourish a healthy microbiota using herbs and mindfulness practices. Learn which herbs heal gut infections, bacterial overgrowths or parasites—the basic nutritional principles for maintaining a healthy gut. Leave with a gut nourishing, digestive tea.

Price: $46, $33 member

Instructor: A wild woman herbalist, Erin Hattler is passionate about the intersection of nature, recovery and empowerment. Plant medicine, self-care, good nutrition and a healthy dose of humor were integral to her personal healing journey. Erin comes from an incredible lineage of teachers both in the Western and Mayan traditions. She is certified as a clinical herbalist and women’s ethnobotanist from the Artemisia and Rue School of Herbal Studies and is an integrative nutrition certified health coach and flower essence therapist. Erin has apprenticed with healers and herbalists in Germany, New Zealand, Mexico and Crested Butte. Her studies included courses in functional medicine and clinical nutrition and she is certified in reiki, BARS and as a Radiant Tribe Facilitator

Dates + Times

Aug. 10
Friday, 3:00 pm