Workshop - Planting the Rain: Integrated Water Harvesting Systems

“Plant the rain” before you plant your trees and other vegetation and you will boost production, enhance soil fertility, reduce flooding, conserve water and create sustainable oases around your home’s and community’s infrastructure. Existing landscapes can be retrofitted to achieve similar benefits. Rain gardens and small-scale water-harvesting earthworks are legal and cheap. Brad Lancaster will show you how to integrate your rainwater tanks with your rain gardens to get the biggest bang for your buck. Learn simple principles and tips to leverage greater success as you implement these highly effective systems.


Brad Lancaster

Brad Lancaster is the author of the award-winning “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond” and co-founder of Since 1993, Lancaster has run a successful permaculture education, design and consultation business focused on integrated regenerative approaches to landscape design, planning and living. In the Sonoran Desert, with just 11 inches of annual rainfall, he and his brother harvest about 100,000 gallons of rainwater a year on an eighth-acre urban lot and adjoining right-of-way. This harvested water is turned into living air conditioners of food-bearing shade trees, abundant gardens and a thriving landscape incorporating wildlife habitat, beauty, medicinal plants and more. The goal of his books and work is to empower clients and the community to make positive change in their own lives and neighborhoods by harvesting and enhancing free on-site resources such as water, sun, wind, shade, and