Workshop - Native Pollinator Habitats

bee house

The work of pollinators impacts us through the food we eat. According to the Xerces Society, there are 4,000 species of native bees in North America, forming the most important group of pollinators. They require a source of food, water and shelter for raising their young and like all wildlife, they are affected by changes in landscapes, especially the loss of nesting sites. In man’s quest for neatness, the important nesting sites such as bare ground, dead trees and corners of rough grass have disappeared. Participants of this hands-on workshop create a nesting box to replicate some of the wildness that makes bees comfortable enough to nest in your landscape.


Patti O’Neal

Patti O’Neal has been an instructor at the Gardens since 2000, specializing in sustainable vegetable gardening. She has been a featured speaker at regional conferences and organizations. She is a horticulturist for Colorado State University, focusing on food systems and urban agriculture and she coordinates the Master Gardener program for Jefferson County.