Workshop - Ethnobotanical Gems of Maya Wisdom from the Yucatan

In this hands-on workshop, learn some of the most important skills used by traditional Maya healers to bring about change and balance. We focus on limpia, medicinal plant  bundles  used in prayers for performing a cleansing, and talk about traditional belief systems as they relate to the healing properties of plants. José demonstrates and explains the ancient art of an egg limpia and how it can be used as a home remedy for those suffering from the effects of modern-day stress.


Price: $42, $37 member

Instructors: José Feliciano Ake Kinil and Shelley Torgove (as facilitator and translator)

José Feliciano Ake Kinil started collecting medicinal plants in the jungle with his grandfather and mother when he was eight years old, preparing traditional remedies and assisting them in their healing work. His first language is Maya and his second language is Spanish.


Shelley Torgove (facilitator and translator) has been practicing and teaching both Western herbal medicine and traditional healing practices in Denver for 25 years. She spent 10 years as the only apprentice and close friend of José’s father, Daniel Pool Pech, who passed in 2016. Shelley has been a bridge both between father and son and between cultures. She currently teaches a women’s herbal and ethnobotanical medicine program in Denver through Artemisia & Rue and leads herbal adventures to the Yucatan.


Dates + Times

Sep. 14
Saturday, 11:00 am