Spring Plant Sale Pregame - Right Plant, Right Place

Spring Plant Sale at Denver Botanic Gardens offers so many different types of plants that shoppers may not know where to begin! New this year, we are offering a Spring Plant Sale preview course focused on finding the best native, drought-tolerant and low-care plants that the Gardens has to offer. Our horticulture staff has curated lists of plants that best thrive in our semi-arid environment. Discover the best practices for garden planning and choosing the right plant for the right place. Learn to create a cohesive, thoughtful garden that is also resource-conscious and friendly to wildlife and pollinators.

All students receive a comprehensive list of low-water and sustainable plants that are sold at Spring Plant Sale. Leave better educated on plant choices and prepared with a plan to get the very most out of the best high country plant sale in the Front Range.


Price: $35, $30 member

Instructor: Annie Barrow


Annie Barrow is the Manager of Horticulture Outreach Programs at Denver Botanic Gardens. She promotes waterwise horticulture for western regions, with an emphasis plant selection, planting design and best horticultural practices. Annie has a B.S. in Horticulture & Landscape Design from Purdue University and an MBA from Ball State University plus one semester in Ball State s Master of Landscape Architecture Program. She has worked in almost every field of horticulture including landscape design, retail nursery management interior horticulture and medical plant research. She is a L.E.E.D accredited professional and has worked in Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Energy Efficiency. Before joining Denver Botanic Gardens, she was a full-time musician in Houston, TX.

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