Smartphone Photography: Photo Editing for the iPhone - ONLINE


Have you ever taken a picture with your iPhone and realized that the photo on your screen doesn't appear to be exactly how you envisioned it? The iPhone has a built-in photo editing app with the tools necessary for you to achieve your vision.

During this class, learn about editing fundamentals, (i.e. exposure, contrast, highlights and brilliance to name a few), and the best way to adjust them in order to manipulate your image. Come away with the understanding of color balance and how to use it to your advantage while editing your photos. We explore the crop tool in conjunction with aspect ratios--very helpful if you print your photos! Using these features for editing will help you unlock your creativity and take your photos in a whole new direction.

This session will be streamed online. Details on how to join the class will be emailed the day of the program.


Price: $34, $29 member

Instructor: Jeanette Burkle

Jeanette Burkle is a commercial and editorial photographer with extensive experience in teaching, lecturing, and consulting. Since 2003, Jeanette has successfully owned and managed Galie Photography, while designing and delivering seminars on a wide range of photography topics. An award winning-photographer, Jeanette combines an engineering background with a strong artistic sense. With the belief that photography is part art and part science, she strives to use her unique background to produce art that is infused with a creative vision and improved by knowledge of the underlying scientific principles of photography. She has worked with many corporate clients including ExxonMobil, George Mason University, American Red Cross, John Marshall Bank, AmeriChoice, Medtronic, Harris Corporation, and Long & Foster Realty. Jeanette's work has been honored through the Virginia Professional Photographers Association with such recognition as the highly distinguished Fuji Masterpiece Award and the Kodak Gallery Award.

Jeanette has been teaching photography since 2005. Her students respond well to her fun, upbeat classes, and Jeanette loves to see this passion be reflected in her students increased confidence as photographers.

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