Remedy Making II: Tasty Treats - 201

Humans have utilized botanicals for millennia to maintain health and wellness. Make and sample a variety of therapeutically effective and delicious herbal preparations that even the timidest palate will enjoy. Each participant takes home with an assortment of these goodies (unless we consume them all during class!).


Price: $94, $88

Instructor: Cat Pantaleo


Cat is a holistic health practitioner with over 22 years of experience as a consultant, educator and nature guide. She weaves together her skills as an herbalist, ecopsychologist, nutritionist and practitioner of nonviolent communication. She creates opportunities to cultivate resilience, restoration, deep nourishment and a reconnection to one's authentic, wild self. Cat's work is ultimately guided by nature beings and an impassioned desire to restore respect and reciprocity between humans and the natural world, re-awakening our innate human capacity for caring and cooperation in order to re-establish an Earth-honoring way of being so that all life may flourish.

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