Preserving Citrus: Marmalade

Learn to make dazzling citrus marmalades from the best the winter season has to offer. We will use fresh, organic citrus and make a bitter, sweet, and succulent marmalade. We will discuss different types, uses, and the history of marmalade. Participants will take home at least 1 jar of handmade marmalade preserves.


Price: $73, $68 member

Instructor: Kathy Lee


Kathy has been an avid canner for over two decades. She tries to forage for the fruit she preserves and/or uses fruit grown from local farms and orchards whenever possible. She is a mother of two boys, and has a full pantry of canned goods. A Ph.D. trained scientist, she loves understanding the science behind canning and loves sharing information about home food preservation with as many people as she can. Parlaying her love of canning into a career, Kathy founded Modern Gingham Preserves and sold her jams nationally and won a Good Food Award for her Raspberry Violet jam in 2015.

Kathy is married to a British guy, so she has also developed a taste for marmalade and rhubarb, but she still hates drinking tea.




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