Mead-Making and Herbal Brews

The combination of water and honey fermented is the oldest form of fermentation. Add any of your favorite herbs to this fermentation and you get a wonderful tasting, healing beverage that was considered the ancient liquor of gods and men. We learn the history of mead-making and try several homemade meads. Make a motherwort tincture, a favorite among many. Each student brings the pre-fermented mead home.


Price: $52, public

Instructor: Kimberly Thompson

Kimberly has spent the last 19 years cultivating her love and passion for the natural world and sharing it with others. In addition to being a clinical herbalist, Kim is also a certified massage therapist, aromatherapist and licensed esthetician. She practices many different modalities including Mayan abdominal massage, Mayan tradition spiritual healing, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lymph drainage massage, neuromuscular massage, cupping, Gua sha, cranial sacral therapy, Thai massage for the table, Ashi-atsu barefoot massage, and Ashi Thai are among the many bodywork methods that she practices. Kimberly adds a spiritual healing style to each of her treatments.  She uses an intuitive approach to help gently unwind the tissue and bring the body into balance. She loves beauty and skincare and offers facials, dermaplane, microdermabrasion and waxing. She also offers herbal consultations to assist clients in their herbal healing journey. Kimberly has worked for 18 years at Apothecary Tinctura teaching classes in herbal medicine and aromatherapy and working in the clinic. Her practice at Apothecary Tinctura and her own private practice has an emphasis on women's holistic health. She has been teaching classes for the last four years for The Denver Integrative Massage School and Herbalism Roots. She loves time in nature teaching people about wildcrafting, medicine making and plant identification. She also loves teaching and sharing her love of body work.


Dates + Times

Jun. 13
Thursday, 6:00 pm