Junior Naturalists

Presented and Managed by the City of Aurora

Join us for a fun educational experience in the outdoors as we learn all about the natural environments found in Aurora. Spending time in nature is proven to increase well-being in children.

Herpetology: Amphibians, Reptiles, oh my!

From snakes to salamanders, the world of herpetology is full of squirmy, scaly, and spectacular creatures. Join us as we explore the wetland in search of these unique animals, while using art to learn about their interesting adaptations and playing games to understand their important roles within our ecosystems.

Sep. 19, Sun., 9   11 a.m.

Birds of Prey

Whoooo are the earliest nesters in Aurora? Great horned owls! What has a red tail and sharp talons? A red-tailed hawk! During this Junior Naturalist program, we explore the skies and learn about the birds of prey that call Aurora home.

Oct. 10, Sun., 1   3 p.m.

Marvelous Mammals

From coyotes and bobcats to skunks and mice, mammals are typically the most charismatic and well-known animals within an ecosystem. During this mammal-packed program, we will investigate the fluffy animals that walk, run, and burrow their way across Aurora.

Nov. 21, Sun., 1   3 p.m.

Ages 9-12 years

Price: $10

Location: Plains Conservation Center, 21901 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013 Phone 303-326-8380

The City of Aurora's Parks, Recreation & Open Space department's mission is to encourage active lifestyles and create healthy environments for people, nature and community.

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