Invitation to Ikebana: Modern


Ikebana is an expression of respect and appreciation towards nature. We observe life through the arrangement of plants. During each class, participants get hands-on instruction to put together an arrangement to take home.

Moribana-style Ikebana was developed in the late 19th century in Japan and became very popular because of its flexibility without losing natural atmosphere. During each class, participants will get hands-on instruction to put together an arrangement to take home.

If a participant has enough experience on Moribana, she /he could go forward to Nageire arrangement during class.


Instructor: Akiko Buckmaster, born in Japan, is a master teacher of Ohara Ikebana School. She has been teaching Ikebana in the Denver area for forty years.


Price: $44, $39 member


Special Instructions: Students are encouraged to bring their own Ikebana container (vase) and a large Kenzan (Pin-frog, 3.5" diameter or larger) as well as garden clippers (or Ikebana scissors) so that they can take home their finished arrangement. The Kenzan and Ikebana vase can be reused for future arrangements again and again for years. Container, Kenzan, and scissors will be lent during the class for those who don't bring their own, but then they will only bring home their flowers.

Large Pin-frogs (Kenzans) and Ikebana scissors are available to purchase at the Gift Shop of DBG.

With proof of Ikebana class registration, you can get 10% discount on Ikebana tools.


Dates + Times

Mar. 23
Saturday, 2:00 pm