Intro to Beekeeping

Intro to Beekeeping is intended to be an introductory course targeting people who are interested in becoming a beekeeper but are not sure if they have the time, space and resources to move forward. The class offers an overview of backyard beekeeping, including:

• What equipment and supplies are required and what are their estimated cost?

• What daily, monthly and yearly tasks must be completed and how much time would be required?

• Where does one gain the knowledge necessary for beekeeping and what resources are available if one needs help?

• How to support and attract all bees, wild or honeybee, to forage and pollinate, or even nest in your yard! 


Instructor: Tracy Bellehumeur has been raising bees for over eight years using natural methods in Top Bar and Langstroth hives and helps maintain hives for community gardens in Boulder. She is the beekeeping instructor for Growing Gardens in Boulder and one of the teachers for the Boulder County Beekeepers Association, specializing in honeybee pests and diseases.

Price: $41, $36 member