Garden Vegetable Exploration (Two Parts, A & B)

In this course, we will observe and illustrate the full life cycle of a chosen vegetable from the bounty of Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. This course is presented in two parts. This will be a rare opportunity to create a complete package of scientific study with watercolor or colored pencil treatment (students choice).

Part A: The first day we will meet at Chatfield Farms to chat with a master gardener and observe and select a young, blooming vegetable. We will spend the rest of the session sketching our plants. Blooms from your plant will be processed at the Herbarium and waiting for you on Aug. 12 to study and do more sketching of the internal parts.

Part B: On Aug. 19 we will return to Chatfield Farms to observe and sketch our maturing vegetable plants. The remaining days will be in the classroom where we will finish sketches, combining the maturing plant parts with the young growth and blossoms from Part A, refine the composition and create the final plate.

This course is an elective in the Botanical Illustration Foundational Certificate Program. You must have completed prerequisites to participate. This course fee does not include materials.

*Registration opens on April 8*

Prerequisites: Watercolor 2 (Botanical Illustration) or Colored Pencil 2 (Botanical Illustration), Light on Form, Composition and Perfecting Perspective

Fee: $325, $285 member

ONSITE: July 15, Aug 12, 19, 26, Sept 2, 9 a.m. - noon MT

Part A:

July 15 (Students meet at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Location)

Aug 12 (Onsite at Denver Botanic Gardens York Street)

Part B:

Aug 19 (Students meet at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Location)

Aug 26, Sept 2 (Onsite at Denver Botanic Gardens York Street)

Instructor: Shiere Melin

Given close proximity in classrooms, masks covering nose and mouth are required inside Botanical Illustration classes.

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