Food: Recipes for Healing and Healthy Living

One of the most potent, practical and preventative forms of plant remedies is thoughtfully grown and prepared food. Join us as we harvest and dry herbs from the garden that we also use to make delicious foods like pesto, pickles and krauts! As a class, we will prepare a small jar of sauerkraut to take home. We discuss microbiomes, vital vitamins, minerals and probiotics to be aware of, as well as nutrient-dense herbs that are sure to supply them plentifully while providing other benefits. We explore the culinary world and incorporate herbs in every bite and sip of smoothie, juice, broth, soup, seasoning, marinade, sauce, ferment, dessert, salad, baked good and beyond!


Price: $145, public

Instructor: Amberle Suski and Cynthia Farris

Amberle is a Colorado native who has been working as a holistic healthcare practitioner in the Denver community for over seven years. She is trained and certified in community herbalism, permaculture design, reflexology, reiki and wellness coaching. Amberle aims to connect with people in need of support to enable them to mindfully, skillfully and confidently care for themselves, others and their environment. She believes that people flourish as they take ownership of their health and quality of life through tapping into education, intuition, empowerment, community, nature, spirit and sharing the highs and lows of life. She can be found farming, gardening, telling people way more than they wanted to know about plants and playing with plants in an unending variety of inspired ways! Her herbal products, integrative healing sessions, educational offerings and therapeutic gardening guidance and services are uniquely tailored by employing a variety of strategies such as bodywork, traditional spiritual healing, gems and essences, nature exploration, in-depth interactive research, DIY formulations, permaculture, regenerative growing, and plant-based foods and medicines.


Cynthia Farris designs personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs for nature lovers wanting to heal digestive and immune issues naturally. Many of these approaches honor the simple, close-to-the-earth approaches of our ancestors. She believes that good health begins with a joyful gut, which is created through gentle and easy-to-incorporate daily practices. Trained as a functional nutritionist, she focuses on root cause-resolution of symptoms resulting in happy bellies, vibrant energy, uplifted mood and sustainable wellness. She holds certifications in functional nutrition and lifestyle practices, fermentation and transformational coaching, is a board certified holistic health coach and certified gluten practitioner. For more on Cynthia and her services, please see  


Dates + Times

Jun. 29
Saturday, 9:00 am