Amazing Vegetables A to Z: Extended Gardening

Rocky Mountain Gardening Elective

Amazing Vegetables A to Z is a series of courses designed to hone your skills as an amazing vegetable gardener. It takes beginners to a new level and reminds intermediate gardeners of the success strategies that always work. It covers the science of vegetable gardening, busts myths, and provides clear-cut strategies to get the biggest harvest from the space you have.

Please note: We will not cover gardening in containers in depth in this class. If that is your interest, please see Crops in Pots.


Session 3: Extended Gardening

Keep your garden going for three seasons and beyond. Learn the principals of crop rotation to maximize your harvest. This class covers approaches for planting succession and master gardening strategies to protect your crops. Myths and truths surrounding the concept of companion planting are covered.


Price: $43, $37 member

Instructor: Patti O'Neal


Each class is 2 ½ hours long and may be taken as entire series or select individual courses. To take all four classes, sign up for the "Amazing Vegetables A to Z Full Series using the link Amazing Vegetables A to Z Full Series


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