Advanced Carbon Dust - ONLINE


Imagine a black and white Ansel Adams photograph. Similarly, you can achieve a full tonal rangethe darkest darks to the lightest lightswith methodical layering of carbon dust in your illustration. Learn atmospheric tips to make your drawing pop. Continue to practice carbon dust skills by producing a rich, tonal, full-plate rendering. With great content, interesting composition and convincing light-on-form, your illustration will contain depth and detail that comes right off the page.

This course is an advanced elective in the Botanical Illustration program. The course fee does not include materials.

*Registration opens March 1st at 10 a.m.*

Prerequisites: Pencil II, Introduction to Carbon, Light on Form, Composition, Botany for the Botanical Illustrator OR a certificate or degree in scientific or botanical illustration with experience in carbon dust

Instructor: Shiere Melin

Fee: $315, $265 member

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