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Ornamental Grasses Garden

Botanical Interest: 

Denver Botanic Gardens’ Ornamental Grasses collection was one of the first notable gardens of its kind in North America. The purpose of the Ornamental Grass garden is three-fold: to illustrate the large collection of ornamental grasses currently available in the green industry, to demonstrate the vibrant relationship between grasses and architecture, and to interpret Colorado’s prairie history. It also is home to one of our permanent art pieces, a sculpture ‘So Proud of my Children’ from the Chapungu art movement in Zimbabwe. Another feature of the grass garden is that it is packed with spring flowering bulbs, most notably the bold Eremerus or Foxtail Lilies, which makes it a beautiful garden to visit any time of year. With a tangible bridge to Colorado’s historic prairie lands, and its affinity for our dry climate (it only gets watered twice a week), the beauty and sustainability of the Gardens’ Ornamental Grasses garden should serve as an inspiration to anyone who visits it.

Especially for Gardeners: 

Grasses make a wonderful complement to the home garden, adding year-round texture, color and sound.

It's a Fact: 

Over 50 varieties of ornamental grasses are growing in this garden.