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Volunteers are essential to the Gardens’ mission of connecting people with plants. Every year, over 2,000 volunteers donate their time in every area of Denver Botanic Gardens’ three locations: York Street, Chatfield and Mount Goliath.

Volunteers provide diverse expertise and experience to our educational programs, gardens, research efforts, customer experiences and special events. In turn, volunteers have unique opportunity to work with expert staff members and socialize with fellow volunteers in a spectacular setting.

The Gardens offers a fun, comprehensive volunteer experience that suits three different types of volunteers: long term (Adult Volunteer Program), short term/episodic opportunities (Special Events), and youth opportunities (Family and Teen Program).

As volunteers at Denver Botanic Gardens, we are part of a much larger community: part of a team that maintains our horticultural display beds, a team that welcomes and educates our guests, a team that helps truly support a local treasure. We learn, we grow, we make friends, and we give back to a wonderful city and do our part to fulfill the dream early visionaries had of a magnificent botanic garden on the Colorado plains. This place is truly magical.
    - Nevin BeBee, Horticulture Maintenance Volunteer and Docent Council Member

What type of volunteer experience are you seeking?

Adult Volunteer Program
- Vital, skilled role in daily Gardens operations
- Long-term, weekly or biweekly commitment
- Amazing educational opportunities
- Enriching social experiences

Special Events
- Episodic, one-time opportunities
- Diverse range of volunteer roles at every event
- Fulfillment of student community service credit
- Experience working with public and the Special Events team

Teen and Family Program
- Youths between the ages of 13-17 for independent summer commitment
- Families with children between the ages of 9-12

Affiliate Organizations
- The Associates of Denver Botanic Gardens
- Denver Botanic Gardens Guild

Veteran Reintegration Program
This program focuses on providing post 9/11 veterans with the opportunity to gain gardening and farming experience with our Chatfield staff.  

Currently, the Gardens does not have any court-ordered community service opportunities. We cannot sign off on hours accrued through any of our volunteer opportunities. Please visit Metro Volunteers for info on organizations that have open opportunities.