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Cheesman Gate Membership Key Fob FAQs

How do I get a fob?
Request a fob at the Visitor Services desk or through the Membership Department. Wave the fob in front of the electronic pad on the gate frame to gain access through the Cheesman Gate. Please make sure the gate is securely closed after you enter or exit the Gardens.

When will my fob be active?
Your fob is activated at the time of purchase and you may use it during regular Gardens hours.

Who may use the fob?
Fobs may only be purchased by active members of the Gardens. This is an added benefit of membership for all levels. Non-members or lapsed members may not purchase fobs unless a membership is also processed at the time of the transaction. By purchasing a fob, you agree to take responsibility for any misuse. A membership fob is $25.

Where may I use this?
The fob will only work on the Cheesman Gate entrance at our York Street location. It cannot be used on any other keypad, door or gate within the Gardens.

When may I use it?
Fobs will only work during regular Gardens hours. They will not be active during concerts, during special events, for weather delays, or for early closures.

How many people may I bring in with my fob?
Entry is limited to the number of people you are normally allowed to admit with your membership.

What if I lose my fob? May I get a refund?
Fobs are non-refundable. If you lose your fob, please contact Denver Botanic Gardens Membership Department at 720-865-3692 so we can deactivate it immediately. Replacements cost is $25 per fob.

Why won’t my fob work?
Fobs may be deactivated if reported stolen or lost, when there has been recorded misuse, or when a person’s membership expires. We will notify you via email when deactivating the fob.

Why is there a renewal fee?
A $10 annual renewal fee will be charged upon your next membership renewal. This fee is to help maintain the fob system.

Do I need to live in the neighborhood?
No. Anyone who is an active member and who wishes to purchase a fob may do so.

For more information about fobs, please call 720-865-3692 or email membership at membership@botanicgardens.org.