We have temporarily closed all Denver Botanic Gardens locations. Denver Botanic Gardens’ response to COVID-19

Denver Botanic Gardens has made great strides in the historic transformation of the Gardens.

  • After exiting the greatly enhanced parking structure, visitors are greeted with the impressive Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center, home of the Shop at the Gardens.
  • Once inside the Gardens, take note of the state-of-the-art Greenhouse Complex complete with an Orangery, located just next to Marnie's Pavilion.
  • Kids are encouraged to explore, learn and grow in the Mordecai Children's Garden.
  • Enjoy the Science Pyramid and the Hive Garden Bistro, our seasonal cafe.

These structures not only add beauty to the Gardens, but also facilitate research, education and horticultural excellence.

Created with the Gardens’ core values – transformation, sustainability, diversity and relevance – as the platform, the design and construction incorporate energy-saving strategies with environmental sustainability. 

The partnership between our neighbors, the architects, builders and everyone at Denver Botanic Gardens will ensure that the Gardens will be recognized as one of the premiere botanic gardens in the world, and continue to be one of Denver’s richest cultural jewels for generations to come.

See a poster showing the progress in meeting our goals.