Programs emphasize student-led discovery through a variety of hands-on activities and guided explorations. Programs are cross-curricular and align with Colorado Academic Standards.

Self-Guided at York Street

Groups are welcome to visit Denver Botanic Gardens at any time. Whether you have your own curriculum to follow or you just want your class to enjoy the beauty of our gardens, a self-­guided visit may be the perfect way for your class to explore the Gardens.

Self-guided visits cost $3 per student for schools within the SCFD, $5 per student for schools outside the SCFD. One adult chaperone (parent or teacher) for every five students is admitted free of charge. Extra adults must pay $7 each, no exceptions.

Mordecai Children’s Garden is designed for families and therefore school groups have limited access. School groups wishing to visit the Children's Garden will need to purchase a $2 timed ticket in addition to their regular fee. Please note, there is no available lunch space for school groups in the Children’s Garden.

Reservations for self­-guided visits must be made at least two weeks in advance. Groups must have an advance reservation to qualify for school group rates. Groups who show up without a reservation will not qualify for the school group rates and will be charged standard admission.



Nature and Art at York Street (Grades K-12)

Did you know the Gardens is a living museum that celebrates art in addition to plants? Come discover the Gardens through the eyes of an artist. Learn art concepts and vocabulary while exploring the sculptures and artwork on display.

When: 10-11 a.m., 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., and 12:30-1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer

Class size: Maximum 30 students


Summer Self-Guided at Chatfield Farms (June-September)

Groups are welcome to visit Chatfield Farms when space allows. Whether you have your own curriculum or you just want to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, a self­-guided visit may be the perfect way for your class to explore Chatfield Farms.

Cost: $3 per student for schools within SCFD, $5 per student for schools outside SCFD. Advance reservations are required for all self-guided visits. One adult per every ten students is required; chaperones are admitted free of charge.

Add-on Butterflies at Chatfield Farms: The butterfly house at Chatfield Farms is a seasonal summer exhibit open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Groups wishing to visit Butterflies at Chatfield Farms will need to purchase an additional $2 ticket for each student in addition to their regular fee. One adult per every ten students is required; chaperones are admitted free of charge.


At Plains Conservation Center

Life in the High Plains Field Trip (Grades 1-5)

This field trip includes outside and inside learning, weather permitting. Inside or out, the trip is a fun, immersive educational experience. Students discover what life was like for the Cheyenne Indians and the homesteaders on the high plains in the 1800s. They learn about how the Cheyenne adopted a lifestyle of semi-nomadic hunter/gatherers to thrive on the prairie; the roles within the homesteading communities of 1887; the flora and fauna of the prairie and the adaptations that help them survive in this semi-arid environment.

When registering, please indicate which of the following program areas you would like to reserve: Prairie Ecology, Sod Homestead and/or Cheyenne Camp (maximum of two topics):

  • Option 1: Sod Homestead / Cheyenne Camp Combo
  • Option 2: Sod Homestead / Prairie Ecology Combo
  • Option 3: Cheyenne Camp / Prairie Ecology Combo
  • Option 4: Prairie Ecology
  • Option 5: Cheyenne Camp
  • Option 6: Sod homestead
  • Maximum 60 students per day

Cost: $10 per SCFD student / $12 outside SCFD (One adult chaperone admitted free for every five students, additional chaperones are $7 each)

When: This program is offered most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Time: 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (including 30 minute brown bag lunch break)


Out of School at Your Location

Bring the Gardens to your site with our After School Programs, specially designed to meet the unique needs of after­ school programs and day care groups. These programs provide fun and enriching activities that are sure to engage your students in the world of plants. Programs are limited to 30 participants of mixed ages.

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; programs are 1 hour long

Cost: Unless otherwise noted, programs cost $75 each plus a $15 mileage fee.

Strange and Unusual Plants
Discover the wacky ways plants like the Venus Fly Trap and others have adapted to survive. Plant your own strange and unusual plant. This program is 60 minutes.

Jungle Journey
Experience the sights and sounds of rainforest plants and animals while you explore this unique ecosystem. Grow your own tropical treasure. This program is 60 minutes.

Sensational Plants
Smell, touch, taste and even hear the sensational world of plants. This program is 60 minutes.

Planting Project
Provide an opportunity for your students to get dirt under the fingernails while planting their very own plant to care for. Each small group of 20­-30 students will spend approximately 15 minutes each exploring a diverse selection of plants with their five senses and potting a plant to take home.
Cost: $1 per student, $100 minimum