Workshop - Residential Greywater Reuse

This hands-on workshop shares easy ways to reuse greywater. Learn about the different types of collection systems, design and installation considerations so you can build a system at home to lower your water bill and grow happy plants. Participants will install a Laundry 2 Landscape greywater...Read more


Workshop - Alternate Photographic Botanics

In this hands-on workshop, Kathleen Velo introduces the photogram process, a camera-less photographic technique that she used for her project, “Water Flow: Under the Colorado River.” Use the same general technique to create cyanotypes of foliage similar to the process used in the mid-1800s by...Read more



Workshop - Succulent Living Frame

Learn how to design, build and plant a living succulent frame using gorgeous fresh succulents. These wonderful water-wise plants with a diversity of shapes and textures can set your imagination on fire! Learn about succulent care, propagation techniques, succulent varieties and principles of...Read more

Avery Ellis

Workshop - Grow Year-Round with Aquaponics

This full day workshop teaches how to grow organic vegetables and fish year-round! The workshop includes a tour of an aquaponics farm and several home scale solutions. Learn about the benefits of aquaponics including: fish and plant selection and health, system cycling, bacteria and the...Read more


Workshop - Photographers Helping Gardeners

Good garden photographers inspire gardeners to mimic what they see. In the morning session, Saxon Holt demonstrates to fellow garden photographers how to tell a photo story about successful garden plantings and in the afternoon session, individual plants are explored with the intention of...Read more


Workshop - The Photo Florilegium at Chatfield Farms

Photography offers a beautiful realism that brings scientific authority to the plant portrait. The observant photographer can reveal details of that beauty and a collected series of plant portraits becomes a florilegium. Saxon Holt teaches how to see the details of plants and techniques for...Read more