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Workshop - Kokedama

Kokedama is a Japanese bonsai art that produces a plant growing out of a ball of moss that can be hung or displayed in a dish. Learn about kokedama, how to create the unique clay-soil mixture at the heart of the ball, how to care for them and then make two kokedama to take home.

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Workshop - Old Becomes New - Macramé Plant Hangers

Macrame is all the rage in home décor. Learn several fundamental knotting techniques to create a customizable plant hanger. Use these knots in the future to craft wall hangings or other plant hanger designs. A plant, container and all materials to fashion your plant hanger are included....Read more


Workshop - Indigo Dyeing

Explore the fun and magical process of creating blue color with indigo, a blue dye derived from crushing and composting indigo plant leaves. Learn about the chemistry and basics of indigo vat dyeing from preparing the dye stock to making and maintaining the dye pot. Everyone in the...Read more

Workshop - DIY Herbal Skills and Strategies

Many places in the world consider herbal medicine as front-line, primary care. Discover the essentials of a herbal home pharmacy and the must-haves in a functional herbal first-aid kit. Medicinal plants discussed include: echinacea, oregano and elder. Take home fire cider and recipes for a...Read more

Workshop - Tending to Your Inner Garden: Herbs, Foods and Practices to support Gut Health

Gut health is a trending topic right now and the amount of information out there about healing the gut can feel overwhelming. Get to the heart of how to build and maintain a healthy gut. Learn the basic principles of gut health and how it impacts our emotional, physical and energetic well-being...Read more


Workshop - Beginner Bonsai Workshop

Learn basic bonsai design and styling using unique bonsai material, planting techniques and care requirements from Bonsai Expert Bjorn Bjorholm.

Price: $95, $90 member

Bjorn L Bjorholm is the owner of Eisei-en Bonsai Garden in Nashville, TN. He³ a bonsai...Read more

Workshop - Orchid Dish Gardens

Orchids add an exotic touch to home décor but have some unique cultural requirements that can make them difficult to combine with other plants. Learn the tricks of how to combine blooming orchid plants with complimentary foliage to create a stunning orchid dish garden in this lecture-style...Read more

Workshop - Advanced Bonsai Workshop

Learn how to make major changes to existing bonsai plants, including bending, trimming and detail work. Participants must have bonsai experience and must bring their own tree(s) that are in need of major bending, drastic changes or detail work (for example, trees in need of exhibition...Read more

Workshop - Traditional Herbal Wisdom in a Hectic Modern World

No matter who you are, where you live or who your ancestors were, you come from a universal tribe, a tribe of wise women who carry the knowledge of herbal healing. Essential plant medicines for women’s health and herbal allies for nourishing the feminine are covered in this hands-on workshop....Read more


Workshop - Herbal Baths, Flower Remedies and Plant Brushings

Discover how to work with plants to emotionally and spiritually heal. The history of ethnobotany and the spiritual properties of plants are explored in this workshop. Learn what herbs to grow for your own healing garden and how to collect and prepare herbs for spiritual healing. Create an...Read more

Workshop - Aperitifs & Digestives: Herbal Concoctions for Cocktail Parties

Learn recipes for making herbal drink concoctions inspired by the aromatics of the mountain woods. Experience the essence of osha, fir, pine, rose, aspen and more. Discuss the tradition of drinking herbal aperitifs and digestives -- where the practice started and the logic behind it -- and then...Read more

Workshop - Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Denver Botanic Gardens' Senior Horticulturist Tamara Kilbane leads an introduction to carnivorous plants that includes their trapping mechanisms, growth habits and care requirements. Participants create a carnivorous plant terrarium to take home.

Price: $76, $70 member

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Workshop - Beauty of Pressed Flowers

Discover how to collect and preserve summer flowers and fall leaves for use in creating floral masterpieces. Learn the best flowers to grow and how to press for optimal color, durability and longevity. Participants make beautiful bookmarks, cards, a dipped candle and a floral votive container...Read more

Workshop - Edible Flower Feast

Experience a sensory feast as we explore the delectable world of edible flowers.

Learn how to safely grow, harvest and use flowers for tasty and beautiful culinary creations. Discover how to candy flowers and herbs for elegant garnishes. Enjoy a luncheon of Herb Blossom Canapés,...Read more

Workshop and Tour - From Field to Bouquet

This workshop begins with a tour of Red Daisy Farm in Brighton, Colorado, led by farmer-florist Meg McGuire. See the fields and high tunnels at her historical property where a wide array of annuals, perennials, dahlias, roses and other popular cut flowers thrive. McGuire discusses how she...Read more

Workshop - Out of the Shadows- Courageous and Rebellious Acts of Herbalism

Herbal medicine is often considered alternative or controversial in the U.S. However, the practice is regaining popularity and recognition. Learn about plant remedies that cultivate courage and action and highlight the teachings and influential teachers of Western herbal medicine. Medicinal...Read more