Workshop - Planting the Rain: Integrated Water Harvesting Systems

“Plant the rain” before you plant your trees and other vegetation and you will boost production, enhance soil fertility, reduce flooding, conserve water and create sustainable oases around your home’s and community’s infrastructure. Existing landscapes can be retrofitted to achieve similar...Read more

Workshop - Rain Barrels at Home

Local water harvesting and permaculture expert Avery Ellis leads this exciting workshop that explores essential rainwater harvesting techniques. Participants learn how to install a rain barrel on their property, how to calculate the system’s proper size, discuss current rainwater Colorado laws...Read more


Workshop - Native Pollinator Habitats

The work of pollinators impacts us through the food we eat. According to the Xerces Society, there are 4,000 species of native bees in North America, forming the most important group of pollinators. They require a source of food, water and shelter for raising their young and like all wildlife,...Read more

Workshop - Trough Garden Planting

Trough gardens are a perfect way to dip your toes into the fascinating and water-wise world of rock gardening. In this workshop, Joseph Tychonievich goes over the basic techniques of creating a beautiful and healthy trough garden and the participants make a trough garden to take home....Read more


Workshop - Residential Greywater Reuse

This hands-on workshop shares easy ways to reuse greywater. Learn about the different types of collection systems, design and installation considerations so you can build a system at home to lower your water bill and grow happy plants. Participants will install a Laundry 2 Landscape greywater...Read more

Workshop - Alternate Photographic Botanics

In this hands-on workshop, Kathleen Velo introduces the photogram process, a camera-less photographic technique that she used for her project, “Water Flow: Under the Colorado River.” Use the same general technique to create cyanotypes of foliage similar to the process used in the mid-1800s by...Read more


Workshop - Succulent Living Frame

Learn how to design, build and plant a living succulent frame using gorgeous fresh succulents. These wonderful water-wise plants with a diversity of shapes and textures can set your imagination on fire! Learn about succulent care, propagation techniques, succulent varieties and principles of...Read more

Workshop - Grow Year-Round with Aquaponics

This full day workshop teaches how to grow organic vegetables and fish year-round! The workshop includes a tour of an aquaponics farm and several home scale solutions. Learn about the benefits of aquaponics including: fish and plant selection and health, system cycling, bacteria and the...Read more

Workshop - Photographers Helping Gardeners

Good garden photographers inspire gardeners to mimic what they see. In the morning session, Saxon Holt demonstrates to fellow garden photographers how to tell a photo story about successful garden plantings and in the afternoon session, individual plants are explored with the intention of...Read more

Workshop - The Photo Florilegium at Chatfield Farms

Photography offers a beautiful realism that brings scientific authority to the plant portrait. The observant photographer can reveal details of that beauty and a collected series of plant portraits becomes a florilegium. Saxon Holt teaches how to see the details of plants and techniques for...Read more