Doug Tallamy

Lecture - Restoring Nature’s Relationships

Specialized relationships between animals and plants are the norm in nature rather than the exception. Plants that evolved in concert with local animals provide for their needs better than plants that evolved elsewhere. Tallamy explains how specialized food relationships determine the stability...Read more

Joseph Tychonievich

Lecture - Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style

Inspired by the tiny plants and dramatic, rocky landscapes found on mountain tops, rock gardening uses a range of unusual plants in combination with beautiful stones to create miniaturized landscapes. This approach to gardening is water-wise, perfect for containers, small gardens and for...Read more


Kathleen Velo

Lecture - Under the Colorado River

Learn about the Colorado River in a way you’ve never imagined! Kathleen Velo discusses her project “Water Flow: Under the Colorado River,” a series of color photograms created under the surface of the water in the Colorado river. This photographic project spans the entire river, from the...Read more


Tom Cech

Keynote Talk & Panel - Where Does Your Water Come From?

Have you ever wondered where your water comes from? Living in Denver can pose many questions about the source of drinking water, the quality, the rules and the stakeholders. For example, did you know that 50% of the water used in Denver comes from the Colorado River on the Western Slope? A...Read more

Saxon Holt

Lecture - The Summer-Dry Garden

Successful and sustainable gardens must conform to natural precipitation cycles and the plants we use should not be drought tolerant, but climate tolerant. In a summer-dry climate, long summers with no rain is not drought, it is normal. This photo-driven lecture illustrates gardens in dry...Read more