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Peru Discovery - Conclusion

May 16, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
We awoke at four o’clock to a very light rain and are hopeful that it will not be too much to keep the parrots from descending upon the clay lick this morning. After a short boat ride up river to a

Peru Discovery - Chapter 7

May 4, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
For several folks in our group, today is the beginning of the second phase of our Peru Discovery adventure. After seeing the country’s desert coast and high Andean Mountains, we are off to the Amazon

Peru Discovery - Chapter 6

April 12, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
For most of the group, today is our last full day in Peru. We’ve been incredibly lucky with weather and travel, but today our luck may be changing. A few years back, during a period of extended heavy

Peru Discovery - Chapter 5

April 5, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
For several travelers in our group, today is the day we’ve been looking forward to since we first signed up for this trip. Today we will receive a guided tour of the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo

Peru Discovery - Chapter 4

March 22, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
I have wanted to visit Machu Picchu since I first glimpsed a photo of it in my 4th grade geography text book. Today, along with the rest of our tireless group, I would get that opportunity

Peru Discovery - Chapter 3

March 15, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
After a quick breakfast at our hotel, our adventurous group of travelers loaded a bus and began a day of exploration of the Urubamba Sacred Valley. After following the Urubamba River out of Cusco, we

Peru Discovery

March 1, 2012 Nick Snakenberg
In mid-February a group of Denver Botanic Gardens supporters and I began an exciting journey to Peru, spending time in each of the three major climate zones – the coastal desert, mountainous Andes

'Monarchs of Michoacan' Day 1: Morelia

February 6, 2011 Sarada Krishnan
As this popular trip offered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Reefs to Rockies returns this year, I am pleased to lead this trip again. Joining me are seven enthusiastic patrons of the Gardens and nature

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