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Fire Blight: A Cantankerous Disease

August 20, 2018 Emily Stine
Every now and then, I come across a pear or apple tree that has small branches that look like they have been blasted by a torch. Fire blight, as this disease is known, is rampant, and can cause a lot

Mushrooms in the Turf – Fun Guys, or Not?

August 13, 2018 Emily Stine
After a rain, it’s not uncommon for me to see small white-capped mushrooms popping up in the turf. Many people start worrying – does it mean the grass is unhealthy? Does it mean they’re doing

Oh the Gall! Strange Growths on Leaves

July 30, 2018 Emily Stine
One of the most frequent questions I get around this time of year is “what is growing on my leaves?” while being handed a hackberry leaf with knobs on the back. These knobs are galls – abnormal

Japanese Beetle Biological Control Release

July 15, 2018 Emily Stine
Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) have become numerous around Denver Botanic Gardens – I can’t walk near grapes, roses or other flowering plants and not see them. Even though these insects are

Leaf Miners: Not Mining for Gold

July 2, 2018 Emily Stine
Blotchy patches, serpentine lines, and small black dots inside a clear section of leaf – these are all symptoms I look for when diagnosing leaf miner damage. Leaf miners are the larval form of a few

Fascinating Fasciation: A Plant Mutation

June 22, 2018 Emily Stine
While on one of my scouting tours through the Gardens, Mike Bone, curator of steppe collections and one of the horticulturists that manages the Steppe Garden, informed me that the red hot poker plant

Plant Health Highlights Introduction

June 11, 2018 Emily Stine
I'm the Doctor of Plant Health Horticulture Intern at Denver Botanic Gardens this summer. My internship is focused on plant health, with diagnostic projects ranging across topics including nutritional

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