April 23, 2010 | Ellen Hertzman, Former Manager of Volunteer Experience

We seem to be having—and I hesitate to say it, for fear of triggering the last blizzard of the season—a textbook Spring, such as Colorado doesn’t get very often. We have had gradually warming days since March, no wild temperature fluctuations, no last minute snowstorms, and no frost, at least here in Denver, in nearly three weeks. The Gardens are benefitting from this “normal” weather and have rarely looked so spring-like!

Blossoms: Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is blossoming throughout the Gardens, with gorgeous specimens in the Japanese Garden, Romantic Garden, and near the Rose Pergola. Redbud was thought to be impossible to grow here in Colorado just 40 years ago, but now we see them all over town. Unlike most flowering trees, redbuds flower directly on the bare branches.

More Blossoms: Most every tree and shrub that can flower is in bloom right this minute, from forsythia to Crabapple (Malus var.) to White Current (Ribes rubrum) to Elder (Sambucus var.) Trees that produce showy flowers tend to be less allergy-inducing than trees that don’t, since they are designed to allow insects to collect the pollen, rather than needing it to blow around in the wind—just another reason to love them!

Green Roof: Visit the Green Roof to admire its colors and textures. Spring flowers are abundant up in this xeric garden. This little garden offers some 80 taxa—separate species—to enjoy!

Favorite lunch spot this week: The circular metal bench in the Woodland Mosaic Garden is a delightful spot to enjoy the lush growth of our own woodland.

Gardens to spend time in:

The Japanese Garden, heavenly any time of year, is looking particularly beautiful with blossoming trees and bright green new growth. Woodland Mosaic offers the illusion of East-Coastness, for anyone who is homesick for spring in wetter climates. The All-America Selections Garden continues to offer plenty of color. And the Green Roof is not to be missed just now.


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